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What's the easiest way to pay my Guard bill?

In Kenya, you should sign a Direct Debit Form. That way the payment is automatically made through the Bank and you don''t have to pay any transfer charges. In other Countries, you should either pay by cheque in advance or by Standing Order.

What equipment should the Guard have?

We issue the Guard with a complete uniform including a torch and a PR-24 baton. We strongly recommend that you provide all patrol guards with a remote button. If the Guard is attacked he will probably not have a chance to get to a button mounted on a wall but he can reach one hanging around his neck.

How does the Guard know what specific instructions apply to my property?

We like to have all site specific instructions agreed in writing and displayed as Post Orders. These Post Orders will be compiled at the beginning of our Contract

What else should I do to protect my house?

You need to augment your manned-security with physical protection such as strong burglar bars, a sound perimeter, an automatic alarm, security dogs, good lighting, proper security padlocks and sound procedures. We''re always happy to visit and offer advice.

What do I do if no Guard reports for Duty?

At some stage it is possible that your Guard will be delayed in reporting on duty or will be ill. Normally we know in advance but if you discover before we do that the Guard has not reported, please call the Support Line. We can normally have a replacement there within 45 minutes. Please don''t use the Alarm Button as this can disrupt a real emergency

How will I know my Guard has been supervised?

As most of the Supervision is done at night, you will not be aware that the Supervisor has visited. All Guards are issued with a Guard Book and the Supervisor will sign when he visits. Generally, the Supervisor will only alert you if there is an area of concern.

Can I have a Guard without an Alarm?

Unfortunately we must insist that a Guard always has the ability to call for assistance. This means he must have an Alarm System to summon back-up. Remember also that by having Pro Alarm Security Ltd  Alarm as well as a Guard you get the benefit of our on-line Guard Electronic Protection System.

Can I give the Guard my Home or Office Keys?

You may give the Guard the keys of your main gate if it is his duty to provide access control. Do not give the Guard the keys of your car, home or office unless you have agreed with us in writing that the Guard will take responsibility for the keys

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